Free Stuff First

Frequently Asked Question

Free Stuff

  • How do i apply for free stuff?

    That's super easy! All you have to do is look for the free stuff you would like to apply for and click on our button to get there. Just follow the instruction on the page to claim.

  • Does Free Stuff First send out samples?

    No we don't, we're just your gateway to free samples offered by other companies. All we do is find them and show them to you.

  • How long does it take free stuff to arrive?

    That depends on the source and how many free samples they are giving away. Usuaully, if a particular company is giving away 10s of thousands of freebies, it will take several weeks for your free stuff to arrive. However, most companies move really quickly and sometimes your samples can land at your door within just a 2 weeks or so.

  • Are there ever any chanrges to get free stuff?

    Most of the time there is no charge whatsoever to you. However, sometimes, smaller companies can't afford to give free stuff away and pay shipping fees too. In those cases they will ask for a small shipping fee. We clearly state when something requires a shipping fee so that you can make your mind up before you apply.

Our Mailing List

  • Do we have a mailing list?

    Yes we do. Our mailing list is the best way to be one of the first to find out about free stuff so that you can apply before they're all gone.

  • How often do you send our newsletters?

    We send newsletters out daily, usually first thing in the morning around 9am EST.

  • What's inside your newsletters?

    Our daily update newsletter contains the very best free stuff that we've found over the past 24 hours. We let you know what they are and if you like the look of them, you just need to click the links in the email to apply for the free stuff and free samples.

  • Is it easy to unsubscribe?

    Yes it is. It's super easy. Every email we send has a link to a onetime click to unsubscribe function. Just tap that link wheich can be located at the bottom of the newsletter and you are unsubscribed. If for whatever reason that link doesn't work. Just go to our contact page and write in to us asking to be unsubscribed.


  • Can I contribute to the site?

    Absolutley! We are very aware that freebie hunting takes a lot of people to find the best stuff. We often have people write in to infiorm us about free stuff theyve found. If you have found a freebie that you don't see on our site, please write in using the contact form and we will make sure you get credit for the find.

  • Can I add my own freebie?

    Sure you can. If you have freebie or free sample or you work for a company that is giving away free stuff, we will be happy to feature it on the website. Just use our contact form to send it to us and don't forget to include the url to the offer.